Linux Mint Tutorial Series – an overview

It is precisely the fragmentation and inaccessibility of available information on the internet that makes me try to make as much information as possible accessible to beginners through a number of simple tutorials. Via the links below you will find the different tutorials. It is advisable to go through these in the order indicated.

Tutorial series information

Distro versions: 

  • Linux Mint 21.x Cinnamon

Note: My current Linux Mint tutorial series is starting to get a bit outdated, as it was based on Linux Mint 19.X with an Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic foundation. The current Linux Mint 21 is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the latest long-term support release of Ubuntu. So I think it’s time to completely rewrite the entire series to the new Linux Mint 21 foundation so that you as a reader will be fully equipped with the latest information. So this is my first step of a complete rewrite of all 30 of my Linux Mint articles. So be patient and give me some time.

Content of this tutorial series


About the Linux Mint 21 Tutorials Series

About Linux And Why You Should Switch

What is Linux
Reasons why you should switch to Linux

Linux Distributions And Desktop Environments

What is a distribution
How to choose the best Linux distribution for your needs
How to choose the best desktop environment for your needs

Linux Mint Basics

The release cycle of a Linux Mint distribution explained – Linux Mint 21 edition

Linux Mint Download, Try Out, And First Install

How to download Linux Mint – Linux Mint 21 edition
How to verify your Linux Mint ISO image file – Linux Mint 21 Edition
How to create a Linux Mint bootable USB in macOS and Windows – Linux Mint 21 Edition
How to use Linux Mint without installing on a PC
How to use Linux Mint without installing on a Mac
How to install Linux Mint on a PC or Mac

Set Up And Use Linux Mint

Using Linux Mint for the first time
Most important things to do after installing Linux Mint
How to setup and use backups in Linux Mint
How to update Linux Mint
How to install graphics drivers in Linux Mint
How to install WiFi drivers in Linux Mint
How to setup WiFi in Linux Mint
How to setup a printer in Linux Mint
How to manage users in  Linux Mint
How to setup parental control in Linux Mint
How to install applications in Linux Mint

Divers Topics On Linux And Linux Mint

What are the best applications to start with
What are the best Adobe alternatives for Linux
How to manage your files and folders in Linux Mint
Simple explanation of the Linux file structure

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