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For most people, Microsoft Windows is probably the standard choice when they think about an Operating System for a desktop or laptop computer. This is not that strange, because most ready-made factory-assembled computers are being pre-installed and delivered with the Windows Operating System. For a smaller part, the same can be said for Apple with its macOS. Both are in general really good operating systems and they do what they have to do well. But in addition to their obvious advantages, they also have some important disadvantages. But fortunately, there is another option: the free and open source Linux and related open source software solutions as a very good alternative.


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  • Linux Mint 21.x Cinnamon

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Why this Linux Mint 21 Tutorials Series

You have heard of Linux and would like to do something more with this system now? Or are you just curious and are you trying to broaden your knowledge? Or your computer is so terribly slow, but you do not want to rebuy a new computer and you’ve heard some rumors that with Linux that is probably not necessary at all? If these questions are related to you, then you are here at the right address.

For everything in our lives, we once started as ignorant, inexperienced, uncertain noobs. Maybe you can still remember the first awkward driving lesson or the first time you tried to ride a bicycle. To start with something new, we always need the help of someone else first, a book written by someone else, or a vlog that has been put on Youtube by someone else. After that first tough period, we probably find our own way to further build up knowledge and experience.

About the tutorials

Through an extensive set of Linux beginner tutorials, I want to offer a simple Linux Mint starter guide via this website for those who have never done anything with Linux and do not know exactly where to start and where to find the necessary information. In an accessible way, this tutorial series guides you through the basic principles of Linux, finding and downloading a Linux distribution, creating a live medium, finding software for your needs, how to do a proper installation of a distribution or software, and how to execute updates.

As a starting point for these tutorials, I choose the Linux Mint distribution with the Cinnamon desktop environment, which many, including myself, find one of the most accessible yet high-quality Linux distributions for beginners, but in which many advanced people also remain stuck because of the ease of use, stability, and reliability. But these tutorials also provide useful information for other Ubuntu-related distributions, such as Ubuntu itself, Kubuntu, Zorin OS, and Ubuntu Budgie, because Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu.

So if the above triggered your interest, just try my complete and free Linux Mint 21.x Tutorial Series.

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