About the author

Hi there! My name is John Been. I live, together with my wife and our cat, for quite some time now in Hoorn, a small city in the north of the Netherlands. My wife and I both completed the study Business Economics at the VU University of Amsterdam, where I specialized in Administrative Information Science (BIK), the IT side of business administration. At the moment I work as a senior development engineer for a large financial institution where I am involved in translating requirements into working IT solutions. I am also involved in monitoring the larger picture from an IT point of view and the coordination across the boundaries of departments and systems.

In addition to being very interested in everything related to automation and related technology, I am also a passionate landscape photographer, and I also had my own photography company for a moment in which I was involved in bridal and portrait photography. I was also chairman of a foundation that focuses on development work in West Africa. And if I have some time left, I like to blog and build websites for individuals and small businesses, I edit films and I code simple Android apps.

All these things I do in both my professional and private live form the foundation for using a large variety of applications on a daily basis, such as applications for photo editing, video editing, web design, coding and so on. This means that I have a broad insight and user experience and can also communicate about it with some fun and knowledge and skills. This website is intended to provide information about Linux from a real user perspective. It will therefore not focus too much on all technical backgrounds that it often deters for novice users and interested parties to try Linux, but purely about topics that could be of interest to a normal user of Linux. Through this site I want to promote the use of Linux for everyday users who are familiar with the familiar operating systems, want to revive their old computer, etc.