My personally handcrafted desktop wallpapers for free as a thank you to all visitors of RealLinuxUser

Hi Linux friends,

We are already in the last weeks of 2023 and the holidays are around the corner. Even though we have to try to express appreciation and love to each other every day, now is the time to show each other a bit extra how much we appreciate each other. And many of us do this, among other things, by giving each other something for Christmas. One person does this with a more materially oriented gift, and the other gives something personal. This year I would also like to let you know in a personal way how much I appreciate that you have visited my website, that you have approached me with interesting questions, ideas, and compliments, that you have purchased and read my book “Linux for the rest of us”, that you were interested in my Zorin OS course, and that some of you even made donations via to support this website.

I am a creative person. I love writing, photography, and designing, but also drawing on paper and digital. I like to create handcrafted abstract desktop wallpapers, of which I offer some themed sets all containing 10 desktop backgrounds via my Gumroad online store. And to thank you for your support and interest in 2023, I’m temporarily giving away for free my “John’s Favorite Desktop Series” containing 12 desktop wallpapers during the holidays as a modest thank you.

In this package, you will find my 12 personal favorite colorful handcrafted desktop backgrounds in PNG format. The files have a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels, so they will fit most high-resolution screens nicely.

The package contains the following:

  • 2 X from Twirled Blur Desktop Series
  • 2 X from Colored Waves Desktop Series
  • 2 X from Paper Cut Abstract Desktop Series
  • 2 X from Blur Parallel Desktop Series
  • 2 X from Motion Blur Desktop Series
  • 1 X from Glow In The Dark Desktop Series (to be expected series)
  • 1 X from Glow In The Light Desktop Series (to be expected series)

How to get your free desktop wallpapers

Starting today, till January 1st, 2024, if you are interested, you can pick up my handmade, thus very personal, non-AI, desktop wallpapers, in the “John’s 10 favorite wallpapers” series, for free from my Gumroad store.

Here is how to get the wallpapers for free:

1) Copy the below Discount code, which will give you a 100% discount.


Discount code

2) Go to the “Wallpaper – John’s Favorite Desktop Series” product page via the below button.

3) Click on the “I want this!” button.

4) Paste the “RLU100OFF” discount code in the Discount code section and click Apply. 

Now the Total amount will be 0.

5) Now click on Get.

6) Now click on the Download button to get a zip file with your 12 free desktop wallpapers.


Thank you again so much for all your support and attention and hopefully we will meet again in 2024 on, or perhaps on my relatively new but growing second site

I wish you very happy holidays and hopefully a very beautiful, peaceful, and healthy 2024 together with your loved ones. And hopefully, we see a lot of exciting new Linux related things in the new year.


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