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Some time ago, I proudly introduced my first comprehensive course “Zorin OS – Linux for the rest of us”. I offered this course via a dedicated course plugin via the backend of this website. Unfortunately, soon after the introduction of the course, I had to deal with a growing and endless series of cyber attacks, fake accounts, etc. Because this became no longer maintainable for me, I had to withdraw my course and approached all the people who had already paid and started the lessons, for a refund of their purchase amount. But now, after a long time, my course is back via an external platform that specifically focuses on offering courses and the associated client management, including solid security. So I’m happy to reintroduce my course “Zorin OS – Linux for the rest of us”, starting today.

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I started my adventure with this website sometime in 2018, and in the past years, I published more than 180 articles on Linux and related applications. And in that same period, over one million visitors from all over the world have enjoyed my content. Almost all of my articles were deliberately not news-oriented, because I want what I write to be of added value to my readers for a longer period. So I started to focus on writing how-to’s and background-related articles, that will keep their value for a long time. My course is an extension of all those free articles.

My course “Zorin OS – Linux for the rest of us” is available again for a reduced price of only $10 till the end of 2023, starting today so that regular readers can enjoy this time-limited lower price. From January 1st, 2024, the course will be available for the normal price of 15 Dollars.

Note: If you already bought my bookLinux for the rest of us“, I would advise you not to buy the course, because they both cover the same topics and are both based on Zorin OS.

About the course

You have heard of Linux and would like to do something more with this Operating System now? Or you are just curious and you like to broaden your horizon and deepen your knowledge? Or maybe you want to know if you can use Linux for productivity and creativity, and not only for development-related work, in contrast to what many people told you. Or your computer is so terribly slow, but you do not want to buy a new computer again and you’ve heard that with Linux this is probably not necessary at all? If these questions sound familiar to you, then this course is perfect for you.

Through more than 30 extensive but simple, readable, and beginner-friendly lessons, I want to offer you a simple-to-follow complete Linux starters guide. This course helps you to start your Linux journey, based on the very user-friendly, incredibly beautiful, accessible, stable, adaptable, and Ubuntu-based Linux distribution Zorin OS. However, the course can be used without a problem in combination with other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions as well.

Zorin OS has specific features that will appeal to both former Windows users and macOS users. In an accessible way, this course guides you through topics like the principles of Linux, finding and downloading a Linux distribution, creating a Linux live environment, installing Zorin OS, finding software, setting up your hardware, installing software, and executing updates. At the end of the course, you have a good foundation to really enjoy Linux and productively use your system in your daily digital life. To see a complete overview of all the lessons and the quizzes, go to Zorin OS – Linux for the rest of us and have a look at the Curriculum section. You also have an option to preview some of the lessons.

Some background

Many Linux-oriented websites, manuals, documents, and courses, are in my opinion too technical to be of any interest to novice Linux users, and that scares off a potentially large group of new people to take the step to switch to Linux. And that is a pity because Linux is really great and can even be a user-friendly platform. To help others use Linux productively without making things too complicated and technical, in the past couple of years I worked on many articles on for example Linux Mint and Zorin OS. In these articles, I tried to bring Linux to beginning users, non-technical people who are interested in just using Linux to support them in their productivity, and those who are thinking about switching from macOS or Windows to Linux, in an easy and approachable way. From there I started thinking that these relatively disconnected Linux Mint and Zorin OS articles have the potential, when presented in a nicer and more structured way, to be of greater value from a learning perspective. Therefore I started to convert these articles into a well-structured online course and a book.

As a researcher and writer of Linux-related topics, I found that several accessible and friendly Linux distributions can appeal to former macOS users as well as Windows users. One of these distributions is in my opinion Zorin OS. I lost my heart to this distribution because it looks great, can be set up via simple adjustments to appeal to both Windows and macOS users, offers a lot of robust functionality that is already available out-of-the-box, and the many user-friendly functionalities and integrations make this distribution, in my opinion, rise above others. I am very enthusiastic about Zorin OS, so I want to share this enthusiasm with others. That is why I have decided to start creating this beginner-friendly Linux course and use Zorin OS as its foundation.

Some things to know about the course

For how long do I have access to your course?

You only have to pay once for this course to get unlimited access. You can start anytime you wish. After that, you can open the course whenever you want and continue where you left off last time. So there is no deadline to complete the course. When you have completed the course, you can always start it again to look back and use it as a reference.

Will this course be updated based on future developments?

We all know the world keeps changing and this is equally true for Linux. So my goal is to keep this course updated when possible, but I will focus mainly on major updates. Therefore future extensions, improvements, and adjustments are all included in this one-time purchase.

What about payments?

The payments are currently handled via PayPal only.

What if I am not satisfied with this course?

It is very important to me that the readers of my website and now also my students are satisfied with the product that I offer. If you are not happy with your paid purchase, please contact me via my contact page within 30 days of purchase, and I will make sure that you get your purchase money back.

Is your course different from your book?

If you visit regularly, you will probably know that I also wrote and published a book (“Linux for the rest of us“). This book covers the same topics as the course and is also based on Zorin OS, so I would advise you not to buy the course if you have already bought the book. If you decide to purchase the course, you could of course purchase the book as a reference later. But from a practical and financial point of view, I recommend that you purchase only one of the two.

How can I enroll as a new student?

To purchase access to this course you must create a user account. Go to, and click on the Get Started Now button or on the Buy button.

Now you can log in with your Apple, Facebook, Google, Linkedin account, or by providing your email address, First name, and Last name. Make sure you agree to the Privacy Policy and click on the Pay with PayPal button to continue and finish the process. You will receive confirmation of your actions via mail.

Final words

It made me sad that a while ago I had to withdraw my course because of security issues, cyber attacks, and fake user creation. I put a lot of work into creating the course and some students already enjoyed it. So I am delighted to be able to make this course available again. So, please have a look at “Zorin OS – Linux for the rest of us”, and check out the Curriculum to see what is in there. If you are a regular reader of the website and you read this article before the end of the year, you can take advantage of the reduced price of only $10 till the end of 2023. Starting next year, the course will be available for the normal price of 15 Dollars. If you decide to buy the course, thank you very much for that. Your purchase makes it possible, among other things, to continue to operate this website and to improve it where necessary.

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