How to solve Geary Gmail security issue

You became enthusiastic about the Linux mail app Geary after reading my previous blog, but now you get a security notification if you want to use your gmail account in Geary? Read this blog.

Earlier this year I wrote an article about the lightweight but pleasant mail application Geary. If you do not need all kinds of bells and whistles and prefer a deliciously well-organized mail application that is easy to use and runs natively on Linux, then you have a nice alternative with Geary.

However, there are quite a few people with questions about the use of Geary in combination with their Google Gmail account. Simply put, many users can not sign up for their Gmail account and receive notifications about security issues.

Despite what many claim on the internet, this is not a problem of Geary, but the result of changed security rules from Google. However, this can easily be solved by taking the following steps:

Login via the browser in your Google account
Go to
Choose Sign-in & security
Scroll all the way down
Activate “Allow less secure apps”

Now it will no longer be a problem to get the Gmail emails in Geary.



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