Cayne is a great and free adventure game for Linux

I am not a real fanatic gamer, but from time to time I like to start up a shooter or let me dive in some adventure. In the late 80’s and begin 90’s I played a lot of classic point-and-click adventure games. Graphically they were great then, but look horrendous know compared to the modern possibilities. But the narrative and the humor of the classic games like Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Indiana Jones and The Dig were really top notch. My favourite though was Days of the Tentacle, an adventure which happens in three different times, the past, the present and the future, which needed to interact with each other. But now I have possibly a new favourite. Cayne!


In my daily search for nice software that’s both free and can run natively on my favourite operating system Linux as well, I tumbled upon the website is, as they describe it on the website, a digital distribution platform with a curated selection of games, a “you buy it, you own it” philosophy, and utmost care about customers. GOG offers a selection of great DRM-free games, from modern hits to all-time classics. And some of them are free of charge and playable natively on Linux. One of those games I want to share with you is the game Cayne by The Brotherhood Games.

Cayne in short

In Cayne the main character Hadley, wakes up (still) pregnant in a frightening facility. Where is she? Why is she there? And, why do they want her baby? In this game with the feel of the classic 90’s point-and-click adventure games, but with modern beautiful graphics and sound, Hadley need to try to break free from here terrifying situation by solving different puzzles in interaction with unexpected characters and likewise situations.


When you start the game you will be presented a menu with the options New, Load, Save, Settings, Audio Volume, Change Language, Credits, More Adventure Games and Quit To Desktop. Most choices are self explanatory. Audio Volume gives the options to change the volume of individual sound components, like Music, Effects, Background and Voice. Via Settings you can change change video settings and quality settings.


Click on New and you will be presented a short, sinister, great looking, movie like intro, where the protagonist Hadley is presented to the player. Hadley is a young woman who has an intake to discuss the early termination of her pregnancy. But instead of the discussed outcome, she wakes up month later still being pregnant, but in a terrifying room, surrounded by monitors and a strange creature walking around in the room.

She is screaming out loud while hearing a voice saying “Please remain calm. After the removal of your womb you will drift back to sleep. Your selfless gift to science will be remembered for generations to come”. This is the disturbing starting point for the many puzzles to solve required to break free of her hostage situation.

Combinations of items must be made and must be used in the right situation in the right place. Although the puzzles are not that insanely difficult, they have a certain weight to it to make the game enjoyable to play. And all of this in a visually pleasing storyline. The number of rooms and areas to explore is not massive, but the combination with the items to find and the unexpected combinations to make, makes that the game does not feel limited.

As I already said, I am not a real gamer. But for me Cayne brought back the time of the classic point and click adventure games, which is in my humble opinion a good thing. Especially for those of us who started playing games in the 80’s of the previous century.

Nice to know

Further some details on this game. It is translated into 8 languages (English, Russian, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Italian). It has fully 3D-animated characters against beautifully rendered HD backgrounds. It is professionally voice acted by Sarah Anne Williams (Barbie, Final Fantasy VII, Street Fighter V, Skullgirls) and Ryan Cooper (Stasis). The soundtrack is created by Daniel Sadowski (Dota 2, Counter-Strike), Ivo Sissolak and Will McCabe.

How to get and install the game

To get the free game Cayne for your Linux system take the following steps:
1) Go to
2) If you don’t have a GOG account, create one.
3) Search for Cayne and select Cayne Free by clicking on the Free button and continue the checkout process.
4) Click in the top menu on your account and click on Games to show your collection.
5) In the collection the game Cayne should be visible. Click on it.
6) Now you can select System. Choose for Linux.
7) Click on Cayne in the Download Game Installers.
8) After the download has been finished look in your Downloads folder. Here you see the file
9) Right click the file and choose Properties.
10) Select the tab Permissions and select Execute: Allow executing file as program.
11) Double click the .sh file and select Run.
12) Install the game.


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