How to execute a .sh file in Linux Mint

Most applications for Linux Mint and other distributions can be directly installed from a software manager. This is the preferred way because this software is guaranteed secure and can be installed without thinking about dependencies and that kind of things. But sometimes you want to install software that is not available in the software manager. And what if that download comes in a .sh format?

On a lot of websites there are command line involved procedures to make the .sh file an executable. And although that works fine, when possible I like to use the graphical interface. Sorry, that’s just my preference and I know a lot of new Linux users will agree with me.

So how to approach this enormous project…;-)

1) Go to the folder where your .sh file has been stored.
2) Right click on the file and select Properties.
3) Select Permissions.
4) Select the option Allow executing file as program.
5) Close the properties screen.

Now you can dubble click the .sh file and it will be started as a normal executable file.

Have fun!

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