10 Great Linux websites for beginners and everyday users

Many websites related to Linux and open source software have high technical content and often have less attention for the actual use and the things you can do with this operating system. But some of us just have other expectations. As a beginner in the Linux and Open Source landscape you have different information needs than an experienced Linux user or developer. But also Linux users who use their computer for content creation and are not interested in the technical backgrounds, have mostly different needs. In this blog post I give my thoughts on 10 great Linux websites for beginners and everyday users.

10 Great Linux websites for beginners and everyday users

When I started with Linux myself, I had a great need to know how other people once found their way in this extensive open source world when they were a beginner, but also what applications other people use and how they use them. This highly supported and simplified the process of making my own choices. For example many people want to know how they simply can set up a photography workflow in Linux, or how they can seriously edit video and which software is most suitable for that. It is not always easy to find the right information that fits your requirements as it is scattered all over the internet. Here are my random thoughts on some great Linux websites for beginners and everyday users that I regularly visit myself:


Everyday Linux User is a one man maintained website that offers hundreds of simple to read but really good reviews and tutorials with a broad diversity of topics, like how to’s on the installation of distributions, reviews of distributions and applications, and background stories. The posts written by Gary Newell are written by an everyday Linux user and are aimed at ordinary everyday people who want to try the Linux operating system and open source software. The posts have a friendly tone of voice like a friend is sitting right beside you to guide you through processes.

Website: everydaylinuxuser.com or dailylinuxuser.com


I always liked behind the scenes stories of people and the way they do things. These stories really inspire me to think about improving my own processes and the tools I use to accomplish my goals. The website linuxrig.com is created and maintained by Steven Ovadia. One of the great focus areas of his website is The Linux Setup, which is a feature where Steven interviews people about their Linux setups and the reasons behind their choices. He asks all the interviewees 7 questions:

  • Who are you, and what do you do?
  • Why do you use Linux?
  • What distribution do you run on your main desktop/laptop?
  • What desktop environment do you use and why do you use it?
  • What one piece of Linux software do you depend upon? Why is it so important?
  • What kind of hardware do you run this setup on?
  • Will you share a screenshot of your desktop?

The interviews are done with a very diverse set of people, like bloggers, students, Linux ambassadors, developers, marketers and designers. I am proud that somewhere in the beginning of 2019 my interview will be placed here as well.

Website: linuxrig.com


The website pixls.us is dedicated to free and open source photography and cinematography and related topics. It offers very nice articles and tutorials on various graphical effects, workflow support and a showcase for work from photographers who use open source solutions. It gives information on upcoming article ideas, different observations on the open source world of photography and a good overview on open source based photography applications. It also provides a forum for people who have something to say in the free and open source photography community.

Website: pixls.us

The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide

Probably the name of this website is self explanatory enough. The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide is a blog with the focus on Linux beginners and has been around since 2001. This website offers a newbie guide that describes in an accessible and friendly manner how to choose a distribution, how to install it and how to effectively use your new operating system. Further it offers how to’s, quick tips, reviews, real world examples and comments and thoughts of the editor on a diversity of Linux and open source topics.

Website: linuxnewbieguide.org

OMG! Ubuntu!

OMG! Ubuntu! is a really great website on Ubuntu and derivatives but also on more generic Linux and open source topics. Almost daily Joey Sneddon, the creator and maintainer of the website, publishes news and tutorials on applications, games and themes in a very accessible manner. Sometimes guest bloggers contribute as well. It is a very informative and dynamic website, not only because of the content, but also as a result of the energetic followers who have daily discussions and make additions to the blogs that are posted.

Website: omgubuntu.co.uk


For many years the It’s FOSS website has been a one man maintained blog by Abhishek Prakash, a software professional with many years of experience. But the site became more and more popular, even award-winning, so it is now maintained by a bigger team. The It’s FOSS website is a great and reliable source dedicated to beginners that focuses on Open Source in general and Linux in particular. According to the team Its motto is “to make your desktop Linux experience better. The aim of It’s FOSS is to increase the number of Linux desktop users and that aim is achieved by helping them to solve various issues one might encounter. Tutorials are written keeping beginners in mind with screenshots and proper steps”. Next to all kind of tutorials, this website also provides news and information on various Linux based applications.

Website: itsfoss.com


Linuxscoop is a different kind of website as it doesn’t focus on written words but on a more visual presentation via video. According to Linuxscoop the website is dedicated to Linux and Open Source Apps video sharing. It also allows users to submit videos on linux distribution reviews, open source application reviews and open source apps how to’s. All videos have a unique visual character as they are more slideshow based with nice dynamic transitions. For those of you who don’t want to read long blog posts this website could be refreshing.

Here an example video:

Website: linuxscoop.com


Probably the name of this website says enough. It is dedicated to noobs and mainly focusses on Ubuntu and Linux Mint. The tone of voice on this website makes you feel right at home. It offers hundreds of up to date tutorials, articles, information on themes, wallpapers and a great list of free to download ebooks on Linux and open source software. The tutorials are easy to read and will guide you step by step through installation, setup and usage procedures. It is great for beginners but when you grow more experienced you probably stick to this site as well.

Website: noobslab.com


If you interested in Linux and open source and you are passionate about comics and drawing than you should have a look at www.davidrevoy.com, the website of David Revoy. David Revoy is a great blogger and an even better digital artist using 100% open-source software. On his website he talks about the technique of drawing, the software he uses, and he explains a lot about using drawing tablets and how to make them work under Linux. David Revoy really pushes open source software to the limits. He has been working with Krita for years with an open comic initiative under the name Pepper & Carrot. But he not only uses Krita as his daily driver, he also frequently develops new brushes for Krita that he offers free of charge to the community. And his brush kit is now so popular that Krita asked him to work on the default brush kit. Below an immensely impressive time lapse showing how David Revoy uses Krita to color his comic.

Website: davidrevoy.com


According to the information on ubuntupit.com the website is being maintained by one person, Mehedi Hasan. He is a freelance blogger and mainly focuses on Ubuntu and derivatives, but he has tested and used many Linux based distributions including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Arch Linux, Manjaro and Debian. Ubuntupit only started in August 2016, but it already offers a very extensive, wide and deep base of information on applications, distributions and games and offers lots of useful tutorials. With simple and easy to follow how to guides, ubuntupit.com targets both newbie and advanced Linux users.

Website: ubuntupit.com

Final words

I hope you liked this blog post and I hope that these 10 diverse websites can help you in your journey. Of course it is a bit pretentious if I would add my own website www.reallinuxuser.com to this list 😉 My website only exists for a couple of months now, but in that timespan it gathered 2.700 unique visitors, so I hope that it will grow further in the future and maybe one day it will have a place in someone’s top 10. Please let me know via the contact page what you want to see and read on this website to make it more interesting. Thanks.