My most popular articles on in the last 7 years

Without even realizing it, I just discovered that I have been happily doing research and writing articles for my website for over 7 years. On March 28, 2017, I posted my first article. From that moment on, I wrote more than 200 articles. I think it is a good time to see which articles did do well, and which were not that successful. So, read about my most popular articles on in the last 7 years.


  1. Introduction
  2. The most popular articles
  3. The least popular articles
  4. Final words


As mentioned above, I have been writing articles for for over 7 years, from fairly basic to quite extensive and in-depth. I also wrote a Linux Mint Tutorial Series based on 35 articles, created a Zorin OS course and wrote and self-published my first book “Linux for the rest of us“. This hobby keeps me quite busy.

My decision to write about a particular topic is never based on what I think will attract most visitors but always based on what I find personally the most interesting to investigate. And from there I just hope a few other Linux enthusiasts will also enjoy and find the article worth reading. I am also very bad at SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so I do not tailor my word usage to popularity and do not use specific popular terms in the hope of attracting more visitors. If you had a look at the SEO dashboard in my WordPress backend system of, you would see that almost all of my articles have really poor SEO scores 🙂. But I ignore those scores and just prefer to write articles that fully reflect my personality and my tone of voice, rather than consciously adapting my writing style. I hope you can appreciate that.

My starting point has always been to write articles that can withstand the test of time. Except for a few articles, I rarely cover news items, because these type of articles have lost their real value already a day later. I hope you also appreciate my choice to write articles that will continue to provide added value for several years.

After 7 years of writing, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at my statistics and see which articles were the most popular among readers.

The most popular articles

As mentioned, even though I don’t tend to write in such a way that it attracts more readers, after 7 years I like to see which articles have been read the most. I do not have any information that can be traced back to individual users and that is exactly how I want it from a privacy perspective. I only see how many readers have read the article, or at least opened it. So below is a list of the 50 most popular articles on, in descending order of popularity.

How to disable threaded conversations in ThunderbirdThunderbird
How to install applications in Linux MintLinux Mint
Quick Fix – How to solve Unable to update Snap Store in UbuntuUbuntu
How to install and set up Google Drive on Linux MintLinux Mint
How to solve Linux Mint Wi-Fi problems – Linux Mint 21.3 EditionLinux Mint
How to setup your printer in Linux Mint – Linux Mint 21.3 EditionLinux Mint
How to add more online accounts to elementary OS by installing Gnome Control Centerelementary OS
Bring your MacBook Aluminum Late 2008 back to life again with LinuxHardware
How to set up your iCloud email account in ThunderbirdThunderbird
How to simply change the name of your hard drive in LinuxConfiguration
21 best things to do after installing Linux Mint – Linux Mint 21.3 editionLinux Mint
How to install graphics drivers in Linux MintLinux Mint
How to create a Linux Mint bootable USB in macOS and Windows – Linux Mint 21 editionLinux Mint
How to use Timeshift to backup and restore Linux Mint – Linux Mint 21.2 editionLinux Mint
How to run Android apps in Linux Mint with AnboxLinux Mint
How to set up WiFi in Linux MintLinux Mint
How to install and setup KDE Connect in LinuxConfiguration
A yearly review – My 40 most favorite apps for Linux for 2023Application
How to use Linux Mint without installing on a PC – Linux Mint 21.2 editionLinux Mint
How to prevent your Linux computer from falling asleep with CaffeineApplication
How to verify your Linux Mint ISO image file – Linux Mint 21 editionLinux Mint
How to improve battery life on Linux laptops with TLPApplication
15 best things to do after installing Zorin OS 15Zorin OS
How to mount a hard drive automatically in Linux Mint on start up using the GUIConfiguration
Linux Mint 21.3 Tutorial Series – an overviewLinux Mint
Linux Command Line for Beginners – How to simply find and install applicationsTerminal
How to color calibrate your monitor in LinuxConfiguration
How to use the AI image upscaling app Upscayl on LinuxApplication
How to set up Parental Control in Linux MintLinux Mint
Great keyboard shortcuts for Linux Mint CinnamonLinux Mint
How to install Linux Mint on a PC or Mac – Linux Mint 21.2 EditionLinux Mint
Quick Fix – How to solve AppImage not running on UbuntuUbuntu
How to choose the best Linux Desktop Environment for your needsDesktop Environment
How to use Applets in Linux Mint Cinnamon – Linux Mint 21.2 editionLinux Mint
How to create a Linux Mint bootable usb in macOSLinux Mint
How to use Linux Mint without installing on a Mac – Linux Mint 21.2 editionLinux Mint
How to use Desklets in Linux Mint Cinnamon – Linux Mint 21.2 editionLinux Mint
How to easily run multiple Linux distributions on one computer with BoxesApplication
How to change default color temperature values of Redshift at startupConfiguration
How to show ink levels of your printer in Linux – UpdatedConfiguration
How to create a Linux Mint bootable USB in macOS and Windows – Linux Mint 21 editionLinux Mint
16 Reasons why you should switch to LinuxLinux
How to update Linux MintLinux Mint
Using Linux Mint for the first time – Linux Mint 21.2 tutorial seriesLinux Mint
Albert is a good Spotlight alternative for LinuxApplication
How to enable the “Tabbed Ribbon” interface style in LibreOffice 6Application
How to integrate Google in your Linux setupConfiguration
How to use Fujifilm X styles in darktableApplication
luckyBackup is a powerful backup solution for linuxBackup
10 Great Linux websites for beginners and everyday usersLinux sources
Table 1: Most popular articles

So these are currently the 50 most popular articles on What strikes me most is that out of these 50 articles, 23 are about Linux Mint. Apparently Linux Mint is the topic that is being searched for a lot and that is why many people also end up on my website for these articles. And that is of course not surprising, since Linux Mint is an extremely popular and highly regarded Linux distribution among both beginners and more experienced users. Linux Mint has a lot to offer out of the box and is stable and reliable. Based on the above statistics, I think it is a good decision that I am currently working on my second book specifically about Linux Mint.

What I also see is that 38 out of 50 articles are “How to” type of writings. That is what I expected, as a lot of people try to find explanations of how to solve issues, how to configure their system, how to use applications, etc. These types of articles are what I really enjoy creating, so I am really happy that readers like to read them.

The least popular articles

As a writer, it is, of course, nice to look at the statistics regarding the most popular or most selected articles, to see if I am doing some things right, but it is also good to look at the other figures that say something about my least-read articles. I mentioned earlier that I primarily write for myself, but if an article is not read by anyone at all, this is also important to take into account when deciding what to write and what not to write. What must be taken into account is the fact that some of these “unpopular” articles are very recent and have therefore not enough time to be found and have maybe therefore been opened relatively infrequently. Below are the 10 articles that are rarely read according to my backend system.

How to Connect your mobile phone to Linux Mint with KDE Connect – Linux Mint 21.3 editionCommunication
The government of Barcelona exchanges Microsoft for Linux and Open SourceNews
The new Zorin OS 17.1 brings nice refinements to an already fantastic Linux Operating SystemNews
Omnivore is a great open source Read it Later app for focused readingApplication
First Look at Linux Mint 19.1 BetaNews
GOG offers Toonstruck game for free for a short period of timeGaming
Linux Mint 19.1 will be called TessaNews
Enpass is a great password manager for LinuxSecurity
Linux is the best os to support your eco friendly lifestyleLifestyle
New release of Telegram with some changes for the Linux desktop appNews
Table 2: Least popular articles

What immediately struck me here is that 5 out of 10 articles are news-related. As I indicated earlier, I write relatively few news items. But apparently, these news-like articles are not appreciated, or simply not considered important, useful, or interesting, by the readers of RealLinuxUser as much as the other posts. To me, that indicates even more that my reviews, my how-to’s, and my tutorial series are the type of articles that you Linux enthusiasts appreciate most.

Final words

I thought it was fun and interesting to take a look at the statistics behind Even though I do not write primarily to reach the largest possible group, but more because I find the topics interesting myself and hope that some others do too, it is sometimes good to see what readers really appreciate. and what not. I now know that my Linux Mint articles, as part of my Linux Mint Tutorial Series, are highly appreciated. I now also know that I have to continue with my “How to” articles. I also know that I shouldn’t put too much energy into news items. Maybe just the release of a new version of Linux Mint or Zorin OS, but that’s about it. But most of all, I know that I still really enjoy writing about Linux and related topics, as well as reading your personal stories and experiences, and trying to answer your questions. In any case, I’m still far from tired of writing about these topics, so as far as I’m concerned you can expect many more Linux articles in the coming years. 🙂 Thank you for continuing to visit

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