How to show your Android screen on your Linux desktop

You are a blogger or vlogger and you need live footage or clear screenshots of your Android phone, then read on as I explain one of the alternatives to show your Android screen on your Linux desktop.

Why streaming of your Android screen

A lot of vloggers and bloggers are presenting their stories on how to’s, backgrounds and new releases in spoken or written word and have to support their stories with live footage, clear movies, animations and images. For one of my earlier blogs on KDE Connect I needed nice screenshots of my Android phone. I see that there are some bloggers out there who just make a photograph of the screen of their mobile phone when they need these kind of visual imagery. This works, but does not look as professional compared to a live screen grab.

How to show your Android screen on your Linux desktop

This will be a simple and short blogpost as there is a very simple solution.

1) Start your Android phone and go to the Google Play store.
2) Find the application Screen Stream.

3) Install the app.

Now we can actually start streaming.

4) Start the Screen Stream app.

On the next screen you see an http address and a Start Stream button.

5) Type the complete http address in the address bar of your browser on your Linux desktop and push enter.

Now the Screen Stream logo will be visible and the request to press Start Stream on your device.

6) Press Start Stream on your Android device.

Now your Android screen will be streamed live to your browser. From here you can easily create your screenshots or live screencasts.




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