How to install Zorin OS on a PC or Mac

I hope you read all the previous Zorin OS tutorials so you already know how to create a bootable USB drive with Zorin OS and how to start and use the Zorin OS Live environment. Based on that experience it should be relatively easy to start the actual installation process and successfully install Zorin OS on your computer. The icon to start the installation process is already available and ready to use on the desktop of your Zorin OS live environment, or you can choose to install directly after you booted from the USB drive. So in this tutorial I will explain how to install Zorin OS on a PC or Mac.

Article details:

Distro version: Zorin OS 16.x Core

Tutorial series: Zorin OS Tutorial Series

Note: This tutorial series is still in progress, so not all chapters are finished yet.

Before we start

It is of course possible to install Zorin OS on an empty hard disk, but it is also possible to install Zorin OS next to an existing operating system, such as Windows or another Linux distribution. In this tutorial I assume that we will perform an installation on an empty hard disk or, if there is already an operating system on the hard disk, we will perform an installation where we will overwrite all existing data. When there is still user data, such as documents, music files and presentations, on your hard disk, make sure that you create a backup of all your personal data on a separate disk, USB stick or in the cloud, before proceeding with the following tutorial. If you want to read more on backup strategies, then read my article How to design your perfect backup strategy for Linux.


Before being able to install Zorin OS we need to create a bootable drive and boot into the Zorin OS live environment. In my tutorial How to create a Zorin OS bootable usb in macOS and Windows I explained how to create a bootable usb device which we can use to startup a Zorin OS live environment or to directly install the operating system from.

As a next step after the creation of the bootable drive I explained in my article How to use Zorin OS without installing on a PC or Mac the process to boot into a Zorin OS Live environment so you can try it before actually installing it on your internal drive.

So the first step is to boot the Zorin OS Live environment as explained in the previous articles before going to the next part, the actual installation process. You did that successfully? Let’s start the installation now.

The installation process

If you have already started the Zorin OS Live environment from the previous tutorial, you will see an Installation icon on the desktop.

In that case do the following:

1) Double click on the icon “Install Zorin OS”.

If you didn’t choose to boot into the Live environment, but just booted from USB, you will see the following screen:

In that case do the following:

1) Select “Install Zorin OS”.


The “Welcome” screen will be presented to you.

2) Select your preferred language and click Continue.

Keyboard layout selection

The “Keyboard layout” screen will be presented to you.

3) Select your keyboard layout. Most of the time the installer already recognizes the correct keyboard and layout. Click on Continue.

Updates and other software

The “Updates and other software” screen will be presented to you.

In this screen you can select if you want to download updates while you are installing Zorin OS. I normally choose to do that. Next you can choose if you want to install third-party software for graphics, Wi-Fi hardware, and additional media formats like MP3 support, which isn’t installed out-of-the-box. The third option is to participate or not in the census, where you decide if you want the Zorin team to help to count the number of users of their distribution. This is a depersonalized count.

4) Make your preferred selections and click on Continue.

Installation type

The “Installation type” screen will be presented to you.

In this situation the computer we install Zorin OS on is empty and has no other operating system. In case there is another operating system, the installer will give you the option to install Zorin OS next to the existing operating system so you can dual boot, or you have the option to erase the disk and install Zorin OS, like you see in the above screenshot.

Here you also have the option to choose for “Something else”, which gives you the option to create or resize partitions yourself, or choose multiple partitions. In this tutorial we will keep things simple, so do the following:

5) Select “Erase disk and install Zorin OS” and click on Install Now.

Now you will see the following pop-up:

This confirmation screen explains what is going to happen.

6) Click on Continue.

Where are you?

A screen with a map of the world will be presented to you.

7) Select your region or hometown by typing the name or clicking on the map. In my case it found the nearest capital city. Click on Continue.

Who are you?

The next screen will ask you for some personal details and credentials.

8) Type your name

9) If you wish change the proposed computer name

10) Type the username that you want to use.

11) Type and confirm your password.

You have the option to log in automatically. I am a security advocate so I want to advise you to opt for a password based log in instead of the automatic log in.

12) Select Require my password to log in.

13) For this tutorial we don’t select to use Active Directory.

14) Click on Continue.

The installation

Now the actual installation will start.

This part of the installation process can take somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes, but even on an old Core 2 Duo 2008 machine it only takes 10 minutes to finish the installation.

Installation complete

After a while the Installation Complete indication will pop up.

Now you can continue trying out Zorin OS in the live environment, but of course you want to use the real thing now.

15) Click on Restart Now.

Now a message will be shown to inform that you need to remove the USB installation medium.

16) Remove the USB drive and press enter.

The computer will reboot and if everything went well and the installation was done correctly you will be presented with some logo animations…

… and a nice login screen.

17) Click on the user name.

18) Fill in the password that you provided during the installation process and hit Enter.

Now the Zorin OS desktop will be visible and the Welcome to Zorin OS Tour screen will be presented to you.

Final words

That’s it for now. You will probably agree with me that the installation process of Zorin OS was very simple and was most likely very quick to complete. This is a very clear advantage over the long installation process of Windows. In the following tutorial we will have a look at how to take your first steps in the world of Zorin OS.


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